Image by Tarra Boroumandi

Image by Tarra Boroumandi

Em Odesser is the eighteen year old editor in chief and co-creator of Teen Eye Magazine, a publication completely run by and for creators under 19 with a circulation of over 950,000 readers in every continent except Antarctica (until she can manage to teach penguins how to read). In 2017, she was named one of Vice's 6 Young Activists Who Made History, and is based in NYC where she continues to organize her generation around issues including SEX POSITIVITY AND EDUCATION, CURRICULUM REFORM, MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES, AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. She has been awarded 22 Scholastic Writing Awards including two National Silver Keys, was featured in the bestselling publication Feminists Dont Wear Pink (and other lies), and collaborated as a consultant with platforms including Youtube and Scholastic. Em is on her gap year before she starts college, serving as the events and social media lead for Sad Girls Club, (working on social media and event coordination),hosting the Vice show 18 With Issues, and contributing to publications including Adolescent x Crybaby, Teen Vogue, Broadly, W Magazine, Rookie Magazine, and NPR. Em will *also* reply to your emails ASAP <3. 



TEEN EYE INQUIRIES - emily@teeneyemagazine.com
SAD GIRLS CLUB INQUIRIES - em@sadgirlsclub.org
ALL OTHER INQUIRIES - emodesser.forever@gmail.com
SAY HI - @emilyodesser


cv available upon request